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Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

All of your power is in your awareness of your risk.

The Spartan Process

Our Process analyzes strengths, weaknesses and your capabilities for an emergency response.  We identify critical facilities, infrastructures, and events to examine for potential threat elements and hazards.

Recognizing Everyday Threats

Spartan International's experienced professionals employ a method of estimating the anticipated loss from the occurrence of an adverse event by use of the results generated from an in-depth report relating to your organization's exposure to a recognized threat and it's impact.

Discovering Your Weakness

We go on-site to review the location and this includes active participation with personnel who are associated with the locus.

Calculating Your Risk

The Vulnerability Assessment addresses the overall state of security for a locale, encompassing its susceptibility to attack, the degree of supporting protection by means of security services, emergency safeguard systems and financial vulnerability.

Safety & Security Physical


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