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Expert Witness Services

Spartan International Consulting Group, (SICG) instructors and consultants are available to law firms, civilians, corporations, and law enforcement agencies to provide expert opinions in civil suits and other legal actions. Our Legal Consultation Service will provide you with an expert witness to support your case.

Our experts can review your case behind the scenes with attorneys on the strengths and weaknesses or testify on behalf of clients in depositions or court proceedings. Once we are placed on retainer, we are ready to assist you when and where you need us.  SICG experts have provided services to law firms across the United States.

Expert Witness Services

Areas of Expertise:

Below is a list of some of the areas in which our experts can opine.  If your case has a specific need that is not listed, please contact us to check on availability.  If we do not have an expert in the area you require we can certainly assist you in locating an expert through our network.

Law Enforcement Services

  • Crime Scene Management

  • Police Practices

  • Use of Force

  • Arrest and Control

  • SWAT/Tactical Operations

  • Patrol Procedures and Tactics

  • Fitness for Duty                 

  • Admissions and confessions

  • Arrests and Arrest Tactics

  • Police Policy and Procedures

  • Search and Seizure

  • Firearms

  • Police Training

  • Police Supervision

  • Pursuit Procedures

  • Racial Profiling

  • TASERs

  • Motor Vehicle Stops

  • Security Expert Testimony

  • Workplace Violence

  • School Violence and Security Issues

  • Investigative Procedures and Protocols

Expert Witness Law Enforcement Services

Corporation & Civilian Services

  • Security Expert Testimony                             

  • Workplace Violence

  • School Violence and Security Issues

  • Investigative Procedures and Protocols

  • Firearms Training

  • Use of Force/Self Defense Issues

  • Firearms Safety

Expert Witness Corporation & Civilian Services

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