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Active Shooter/Threat Counter Measures Training

Our active threat training empowers attendees with the knowledge and skills to have more situational awareness and to be better prepared if a critical life-threatening event were to occur. 


We focus on keenness without derailing your life into hysteric paranoia.  A balance of knowledge and practical preparation for adversity is the core of this lecture.  This training is not only for the work place but is for everyday life.


Our Instructional Staff draws from current and former Combat Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers and Intelligence Personnel that have years of hands on experience in their selected fields.  The instructors have been groomed to project their life lessons to students in way that the learning takes place in open, comfortable, empathetic environment with a very respectful approach.

Strategies for Prevailing in
Violent Encounters Utilizing
T. A. P.

Spartan International offers four training courses to suit your needs:

One Hour Briefing – This lecture is adapted for a quick lesson into the Active Threat Incident.  It gives the student a very basic understanding of the tactics and strategies to increase the odds of survival.

Two Hour Course – This is a two-hour classroom presentation on history of active shooter events, situational awareness, mindset, prevention and the countermeasures to deal with a violent encounter.

Four Hour Course – This is a four-hour classroom presentation on history of active shooter events, situational awareness, mindset, countermeasures to deal with violent encounters to include understanding weapon methodology.

Eight Hour Course – This eight-hour course goes beyond the classroom presentations of the two and four-hour courses by taking the individual from student to active participant in the learning experience through the realm of scenario-based training.  Allowing participants to experience and problem solve a threatening situation in a controlled environment.

Active Threat Training Courses

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