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Shepherd Program

Securing Your House of Worship Through The Shepherd Program

A shepherd's primary responsibility is the safety and welfare of the congregate. The Shepherd Program is for those interested in taking the responsibility to learn life-saving techniques and strategies to prevent and respond to hostile acts focused on places of sanctuary and worship.

Utilizing our proven methodology of Training, Awareness, and Prevention, (T.A.P.), Students are taught how to identify and react to an assortment of potentially hostile and threatening situations.  This comprehensive program involves several different components, allowing clients to select which subject matter they would like to develop.


Our diverse staff in made up of individuals who are recognized as experts within various disciplines of the law enforcement, security, and medical fields.  These individuals have worked in hostile environments, and confronted violent situations first hand.  Unlike other companies, we do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach.  We will work with you to customize a program that you feel best serves you.

Protecting your house of worship

Complete Program Overview:

  • A Threat and Vulnerability Assessment of Your Facility

    • Thorough Evaluation of physical location and systems

    • Identify vulnerabilities

    • Offer suggestions on hardening the location and reduce vulnerabilities    

  • Review and/or Development of Emergency Policies & Procedures

  • Active Threat Training for Staff (4 or 8 hour class)

  • Advanced Casualty Care Training for Staff (3 hour class)

  • Mock Training Incident (4-6 hour event)

  • Development and Training of a Church Safety Team

  • (2 levels of training available)

  • Tier II Team

    • Situational Awareness & Mindset

    • De-escalation Techniques

    • Legal Aspects of Force

    • Escorts and Takedowns

    • Empty hand techniques

    • CPR, First Aid & Advanced Casualty Care

    • Active Threat Training – Evade, Shelter, Combat

    • OC (pepper spray)

  • Tier I Team

    • All Tier II Training

    • Advanced Personal Defense Skills

Shepherd Program Synagogue
Shepherd Program Church

This is an a la carte program.  Each organization can select the training and services that they feel best serve their needs and comfort level.

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