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Vehicle Dynamics Course

Vehicle Dynamics Course with Spartan International Consulting Group in conjunction with Advanced Driving & Security, Inc. 

Level One Course

This class is designed for road users of all ages and skill levels.

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Our program nurtures the students' development of a vital competence required for understanding how to read traffic situations accurately and to avoid emergencies and/or potential crash situations. Our facility allows for a perfectly controlled environment for the successful instruction and application of these life-saving capabilities.


All of our seasoned instructors make our realistically intense and scientifically oriented approach easy to understand for any driver.   The friendly and supportive atmosphere helps to bring each student to a proficient level at their own pace and capacity.


This class consists of approximately 2-3 hours of classroom training followed by a lunch break. The rest of the day involves hands-on driving and demonstrations.

Vehicle Dynamics

This discussion gives special attention to the forces acting on the vehicle as the driver uses the pedals and/ or turns the steering wheel. We discuss the vehicle’s limits, weight transfer, under steer and over steer, and how speed affects the lateral forces acting on the vehicle while turning as well as braking. 

Time and Distance

Learn time and distance relationships and that the higher the speeds, the less time there is to react. Students gain a clear understanding of how this affects decision-making capabilities. 

Eyes and Mind

Where to look and how to be ready for most any hazard. Particular attention is paid to central vision, peripheral vision, fatigue and their effects on driving.


Braking and steering constitute one of the most critical relationships in driving. This discussion examines the longitudinal forces acting on the vehicle under heavy braking and how steering can be affected by these forces. 

Tire Talk 

Tires are the most important part of the vehicle, most drivers take them for granted as a standard piece of equipment. Learn how tires greatly affect the lateral and longitudinal forces that are constantly applied to our vehicles. We will discuss design, air pressure and vertical load, and traction and maximum capabilities. 


The slalom exercise helps to isolate the steering wheel thus teaching the student how to make the correct steering inputs as well as establishing good hand and eye coordination. Students begin to feel and control the lateral forces acting on the vehicle while in a turn. Learning how small increments of speed affect the forces being applied to the vehicle is essential for safe vehicle control.


This exercise provides the students with the opportunity to experience how to properly drive a vehicle in reverse while maintaining excellent control using precision steering.

Braking and Turning

Students will learn to maximize the potential of the vehicle’s brake system without losing steering ability. Although ABS braking systems are emphasized, students are trained in both ABS and non-ABS.

Evasive Maneuver

This exercise provides an opportunity for the student to make split second decisions and to maneuver around simulated road hazards. The Evasive Maneuver Exercise is excellent for demonstrating to the student the importance of time and distance in a real world application.

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May 4th, 2019   8 am - 4 pm   

North Kingstown, RI

$385.00 per person

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