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Corporate Security Investigations

SICG offers a full range of investigative services to protect our clients’ full portfolio of assets, including every company’s most valuable asset, their employees.   Cybersecurity is by far the most necessary component for all aspects of corporate security services. Intelligence gathering, protection of intellectual/physical assets, and the safety of the corporate client's environment depend on it.  However, we at SICG know that cyber/digital investigations are not enough; our experienced investigators, comprised of veteran retired law enforcement officers, compliment investigations beyond the digital laboratory with conventional investigative techniques such as witness and suspect interviews, surveillance, and other methods necessary to produce effective results.

This holistic investigative approach is applied to all investigations, and the SICG investigative team’s services also include comprehensive documentation and expert witness testimony to support the actions which may be pursued by the client (termination, criminal or civil action) as the result of evidence obtained from our investigations.

We will listen to your needs and we will develop an investigative plan to meet your goals and objectives.  Our investigators will present you with the best information available so you can make the best possible decision for your business.  You will find our veteran investigators to be discreet, professional, and capable of handling confidential information appropriately. 

*Investigation Services that are available for any Business or Corporation


  • Workplace Violence Assessments

  • Due Diligence Investigations

  • Pre-employment background checks

  • Computer Forensics Investigations

  • Termination proceedings

  • Surveillance and counter surveillance

  • Fraud and insurance claims

  • Witness locates and statements

  • Digital system monitoring and forensic analysis of digital media, in furtherance of investigations involving risk assessment, evidence recovery, and fraud. 

  • Analysis of social media activity and the use of internet history triage software, particularly as they pertain to preventing violence in the workplace, evidence discovery, as well as pre-employment background investigations. 

  • Theft and embezzlement investigations


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