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Making Communities Safer One Training at a Time

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Our featured training focus is on
Active Threat Counter Measures
De-Escalation Techniques & Communication Skills. 


Our Featured Service is

Physical Threat Assessments 

Please contact us for safety topics and services that can be taught and customized specifically for you, your agency, or your business.

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Prepare Today, and Prevail Tomorrow!

Professional Services

Spartan Security Operations

Corporate & Security Services

Threat Assessments

De-Escalation Training

Active Threat Lecture 


(Training, Awareness, Prevention)

Personal Protection

Spartan Expert Witness Services

Qualified individuals with specialized skills ready to form and offer opinion evidence relevant to issues anticipating litigation or those preparing for a trial.

Spartan Training Courses & Services

Training Courses & Services


Our mission is to provide clients with quality, realistic, and affordable consulting services and accurately provide the knowledge and physical assets which will increase our client's level of security by employing T.A.P., Training, Awareness, and Prevention.
We prepare our clients to astutely meet the unknown and unpredictable factors associated with artificial and natural threats.  Our priority is to provide our clients with the skills necessary to deal with conflict.

De-Escalation Techniques & Communications Skills

Our workplace violence training starts with prevention and fostering a respectful and safe workplace. 


Active Threat Countermeasure Training

Strategies and Tactics for Prevailing Violent Encounters Utilizing

Training, Awareness, and Prevention, T.A.P.

This presentation then highlights the trends of active threats/shooter events, situational awareness, mindset, and countermeasures to use during violent encounters through Training, Awareness, and Prevention (T.A.P.).


Contact Us Today to Set Up Training for Your Group, School, Business, Corporation, or Facility


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Communications Skills & De-Escalation Techniques

 Active Threat/Shooter Counter Training 


Safety & Security Physical

Threat Assessments




Mission Statement

  Experienced Professionals

Spartan Helmet

  Thorough Training

The staff of Spartan International Consulting Group is made up of current and former Military, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence personnel who have years of experience in their selected fields.

Our Instructional Staff has years of hands-on experience in their selected fields. The instructors have been groomed to project their life lessons to students so that the learning takes place in an open, comfortable, empathetic environment with a very respectful approach.

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