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Prerequisite: Pistol II


This class is designed for the individual who can legally carry a concealed firearm or plans to apply for their concealed carry permit. The course curriculum covers some of the legal aspects surrounding concealed carry of a firearm. The course runs for approximately 8 hours and will give you a strong foundation on when and how to deploy your firearm. We will also provide you with realistic training in the event that you have to use your firearm for the lawful self-defense of you, your family or innocent bystanders.



What will you learn:

1. Review of Firearms Safety

2. Types of firearms and holsters

3. Some Laws pertaining to concealed carry

4. Responsibilities of carrying a firearm

5. Physiological responses during stressful events

6. Avoiding potentially dangerous situations

7. The aftermath of a deadly force encounter

8. Drawing your firearm from concealment

9. Reloading

Proper shooting techniques and live fire drills



• Serviceable semi-auto handgun (Recommended calibers: minimum of .380 Auto, .38 Special, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP)

• Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines, more if you have them.

• Belt & belt mounted Holster or IWB holster. Please NO shoulder holsters

• 250 rounds minimum of weapon specific, factory manufactured ammunition

• Eye and ear protection.

• Magazine holders

• Zip up jacket or suit jacket, sweatshirt, or other pullover clothing and rain gear

• Appropriate Range clothing, i.e., no open toe shoes or high heels, women should avoid V-neck tops, and individuals may want to wear a baseball cap

Spartan Concealed Carry Tactics (Non-Member) 20231202 8am-4pm

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