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The Advanced Pistol course builds upon the all of the skills from Pistol I-III and then introduces new skill sets, concepts, and complexities.  This course will provide you the foundation of shooting from distances outside of CQB range, and utilization of various shooting positions to further hone your skills and accuracy to deploy a firearm in a responsible manner.


Our instructors will bring up your marksmanship while teaching several life preserving skills.  You will be taught how to shoot from the Close Contact Position, and then from distance utilizing various shooting positions.  Introduction to the 21 foot rule.   The course will also build upon the foundation of a defensive mindset.  This class features techniques and methods that are industry standard and currently in use.  The class moves at the pace of the students attending, with extra attention paid to those who need it. 


Instruction is conducted on the range and lecturing is very minimal.



- Review of Firearms Safety

- Marksmanship Drills for distances 10 – 25 yards

- Shooting from the Close Contact Position

- One handed dominant/non dominant side shooting

- Tueller drill aka 21 foot rule

- The aftermath of a deadly force encounter

- Proper shooting techniques and live fire drills

- Shooting from braced and unbraced kneel, shooting from the ground

- Prerequisite: Pistol III and physical ability to get into shooting positions


Materials needed:

- Cleaned and oiled pistol, three magazines, 400 rounds of ammunition.

- A thigh or belt mounted holster.  NO IWB holsters please

- Eye and ear protection. Proper range attire

- Recommended calibers: 

   Minimum of 9mm, .357, .40S&W, .45 ACP (No Revolvers)

- Pistol rentals based on availability

Low Light Defensive Pistol (TR&GC Member) 20210524 6pm-9pm

  • 1. I understand that payment must be paid in full before the start of a course in order to secure my seat in the course.


    2. I understand that if my performance disrupts others or puts others in danger, I will be removed from the course and forfeit my registration fee.


    3. I will provide Spartan International Consulting Group with any other relevant information requested from me before the start of the course.  If I do not provide the requested information, Spartan International Consulting Group has the right to cancel my registration and hold a portion of my registration fee that is deemed appropriate.


    4. I have no criminal history, mental illness, substance abuse, or any other conditions which, by law, prohibit me from owning or using a firearm or affect my performance during the training course.


    CANCELLATION POLICY: When one signs up for a class, and cannot attend, one is given credit for up to one year from the original class date as long as one notifies Spartan International at least ONE WEEK in advance of the class. Those who have not given at least ONE WEEK of notice or do not show up at the class will lose credit and have to purhcase the class all over again at full original price. If one has a true emergency, please provide us with documention. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.


    By purchasing this course, I hereby declare that the information provided is true and I agree to the terms and conditions provided to me by Spartan Internaitonal Consulting Group.

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