Kits from which to choose:

Basic $755                                                           Intermediate $962

Anderson Upper and Lower                       Aero Precision Upper and Lower

DB M4 Contoue 16” Barrel                                  Rosco 16” Bloodline Barrel

Phase 5 BCG                                                      Phase 5 BCG

LuthAR Receiver extension set                            LuthAR Receiver extension set

CMMG Lower Parts Kit                                       CMMG Lower Parts Kit

ATI 15” Rail                                                         Magpul MOE Stock

LuthAR Carbine Gas Tube                                  Midwest Industries 15” Rail

Low Pro Gas Block                                             LuthAR Carbine Gas Tube

LuthAR Fwd Assist                                              LuthAR Low Pro Gas Block

LuthAR Eject Port Cover                                     LuthAR Fwd Assist

A2 Flash Hider                                                    LuthAR Eject Port Cover

Milspec Charging Handle                                    A2 Flash Hider

Magpul Mbus BUIS                                            Milspec Charging Handle

                                                                          Magpul Mbus BUIS

Advanced $1200

AERO Precision Enhanced Receiver Set
Rosco 16” Purebred Mid Barrel
Radian Bolt Carrier Group
LuthAR Receiver extension set
CMMG Lower Parts Kit w/ Ambi Safety
BCM Mod O Stock
BCM MCMR 15” Rail
BCM Grip
LuthAR Low Pro Gas Block
LuthAR Fwd Assist
LuthAR Eject Port Cover
LuthAR Midlength Gas Tube
A2 Flash Hider
Radian Charging Handle
Magpul Mbus BUIS


AR-15 Build

  • 1. I understand that payment must be paid in full before the start of a course in order to secure my seat in the course.


    2. I understand that if my performance disrupts others or puts others in danger, I will be removed from the course and forfeit my registration fee.


    3. I will provide Spartan International Consulting Group with any other relevant information requested from me before the start of the course.  If I do not provide the requested information, Spartan International Consulting Group has the right to cancel my registration and hold a portion of my registration fee that is deemed appropriate.


    4. I have no criminal history, mental illness, substance abuse, or any other conditions which, by law, prohibit me from owning or using a firearm or affect my performance during the training course.


    CANCELLATION POLICY: When one signs up for a class, and cannot attend, one is given credit for up to one year from the original class date as long as one notifies Spartan International at least ONE WEEK in advance of the class. Those who have not given at least ONE WEEK of notice or do not show up at the class will lose credit and have to purhcase the class all over again at full original price. If one has a true emergency, please provide us with documention. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.


    By purchasing this course, I hereby declare that the information provided is true and I agree to the terms and conditions provided to me by Spartan Internaitonal Consulting Group.

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