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COVID -19 & SICG Classes for private clients, corporations, and the Tiverton Rod & Gun Club. Under an abundance of caution, the remaining March classes postponed.

Our classes average between 10 and 50 people per class or course. SICG is following the protocols and guidelines that have been set forth by our local, state, and federal government, per the CDC and the department of healths recommendations. SICG supports our political leader's decisions regarding the strategy that keeps the virus from spreading by avoiding group gatherings. All of our staff have either taken or are still under and a sworn oath. This oath is to uphold the constitution, follow the laws of the country, and our respective states. The SICG staff are all veterans who have been employed in the military or law enforcement professions. Therefore, we feel that it is prudent for us to follow our medical and political leader's decisions during this pandemic regarding COVID-19.

We have spoken with the TR&GC President and other clients to do everything we can to assist with continuing education and communicating effectively to make rescheduling efforts of classes as we move forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We do have staff who are highly trained in the use of personal protection equipment and decontamination techniques.

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