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Field Training Officer Certification Program

Spartan International Consulting Group  (SICG) is excited to announce that they are now offering a Field Training Officer Certification Program and a Field Training Officer Refresher Training Program that is being taught by a Master Certified FTO with years of experience, as a patrol FTO, as an FTO-Training Coordinator and as a FTO Certification Instructor.

The 4- day program is broken down into two parts:


Part 1: We will go to your department to meet with the FTO OIC or FTO Supervisors and review your department’s FTO program. That information will then be incorporated into the program.


No more generic one size fits all FTO training. This training is specialized and geared towards how your department runs its’ FTO program. 


Part 2: The next three days will be in the classroom. We will come to you and teach the class at your department at your convenience. The class is limited between a minimum of 2 up to a max of 15 officers.


No more getting lost in a large class or even worse, getting stuck taking on-line classes. The greatest way to learn and retain information is to incorporate as many of the senses as possible to include meaningful discussions between the students and the instructor. We have developed this class to provide that learning environment. Our goal is for you to learn and succeed in being an FTO. Just as an FTO will always have a vested interest in the probationary officers they teach, we also have a vested interest as an instructor to all our students.

* If you are unable to secure a training area, SICG may be able to assist in securing a training location (with some advanced notice).

** Number of officers is depending on COVID-19 restrictions

The 4- day Field Training Officer Certification Program Offered by Spartan International Consulting Group

Topics covered in FTO certification class:
  • 2019 Nationwide FTO Survey

  • Adult Learning and Communication

  • Civil and Criminal Liability

  • Different Training Techniques

  • DOR (Training Exercises)

  • DOR Review

  • Ethics and Discretion

  • FTO and Trainee Roles & Responsibilities 

  • FTO Paperwork and “Rook Book”

  • FTO Policy and Procedures

  • FTO Schedules/Phases

  • History & Philosophy

  • Hostile Work Environment 

  • Not Responding to Training (NRT)

  • Police Officers as Guardians v. Warriors

  • Remedial Training

  • SEG and the Rating Scale

  • Stress and FTO Burnout

  • Termination from the Program

  • Top 10 Case Laws All FTO’s Should Know

  • Trainee Questions (Check on Knowledge)

  • Workplace Harassment

The 1- day Field Training Officer Refresher Training Program offered by Spartan International Consulting Group:

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and State Accreditation mandates that a police department’s Field Training Officers undergo a refresher training every year. 


When was the last time your police agency had an FTO Refresher Training?


If the answer is NEVER or ITS’ BEEN A FEW YEARS, then this is the training program for your agency to consider!

8- hour training will cover the following:
  •  Adult Learning & Communication   

  • Civil and Criminal Liability    

  • Common Trainee Questions                                 

  • DOR Review

  • Hostile Work Environment 

  • Not Responding to Training    

  • Rating Scale / Common Errors

  • Remedial Training

  • Standardized Evaluation Guideline (S.E.G.)

  • Stress and FTO Burnout   

  • Termination Hearings

  • Top 10 Case Laws All FTO’s Should Know

  • Workplace Harassment


“This is the FTO training program that I wish I had when I first became an FTO and lacked the confidence and knowledge of what it was to be a successful Field Training Officer. I wanted to build a certification program from my own experiences; experiences in the field that led to me becoming one of my department’s Go-To-FTO’s to help fix struggling probationary officers.”


“I developed a certification program that cuts out the unnecessary filler topics but still provides the students with all of the necessary tools to become a knowledgeable and effective Field Training Officer.”

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